You can contact Stephanie at

That address serves either for review comments/requests or site complaints.

You can’t contact Ben. Sorry.

If you are an author, information pills publisher, drugs editor, agent, or other person of that ilk and you would like us to review a book, please send an email to the above address. There are no limits on type of book, but we cannot guarantee a specific individual will review a specific book. (Although at the moment, since there is only one reviewer, it’s guaranteed that you’ll get Stephanie. She likes fantasy, primarily YA; urban fantasy/paranormals, any age; and SF, although generally not military SF; but will read most anything.)

Decisions on who reviews what book are solely the purview of the editorial staff of Someone’s Read it Already ( An accepted review request (and Stephanie can’t think of a reason to refuse a free book) does not, unless otherwise specified, guarantee a review posted on this website within a certain amount of time. (She wishes it could, and of course she will make every effort possible to get the review up by or on the sale date, but unfortunately, this isn’t her livelihood.) It also does not guarantee a good review.

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