Call for Publishers and Self-Publishers

Recently, otolaryngologist we at Someone’s Read it Already had a Small Press Week. Some of you may remember it, although it was a whole month and a half ago. In any case, we’ve got books lined up for a second Small Press Week — except we don’t actually have a week’s worth. We’ve got three, and we need five for it to be a whole week. If any small/independent publishers would like to have us review their books and discuss their press a little bit, I’ve got two slots open.

Secondarily, we’ve got perhaps three solid examples of self-publishing (people who have opted out of the traditional publishing structure, for whatever reason) and we need two more in order to have a full week. If you happen to be an author who has self-published any work (whether you’ve also published stuff through a traditional press is irrelevant to us) and you think that we’d like to read it, feel free to tell us about it.

Publishers, authors, publicists, and interested members of the public can contact us either by leaving a comment, or by clicking the “Contact” button up to your right. (If you’re reading this via RSS, you’ll have to go to the actual page.) There’s more information up there.

We of course accept e-copies of books for review; unfortunately, our book-buying budget is limited at the moment (got a wedding coming up!) so dropping $20 on a book by an author we’ve never heard of that no one else has ever reviewed isn’t exactly going to happen (not with Tamora Pierce publishing a new book that is STILL not in our possession, it isn’t). However, we will consider any and all suggestions, even if they don’t come with a free book attached.

(Also, um, if you’re a publicist or author waiting for us to review your book and you’re a small press or self-pubbed, well, that’s what’s going on — they’re being saved for a big feature week. No, really. And if you’re none of the above but Stephanie is still holding one of your books hostage, then she would like to mention that she’s very much enjoying it, but at five books a week, she is having trouble budgeting time to finish an awesome epic very long novel, and she’d like to apologize.)

It should of course be mentioned that primarily over here we review SF and fantasy, both YA and adult. Stephanie doesn’t particularly love super-hard or military SF, but she has guest/occasional reviewers who do; some of them don’t like romance novels disguised as SF/fantasy, but Stephanie does.

Again, we hope you’d like to send us something!