At the moment, page there is one reviewer, Stephanie, who is also the site admin.

About herself, she says: Let’s assume right now that this description contains incredibly interesting information about me. For what it’s worth, I don’t have a degree in either English or journalism, although I have read Beowulf, Ulysses, and Hamlet. I do, however, have extensive training in critical evaluation of ideas and arguments, and in writing nonfiction essays. The topic about which all my training is centered just happens not to be written literature. Does that mean my reviews are better than other people’s? Probably not. I do try to maintain a proper level of grammar and rhetoric, though.

The web guru is Ben, who happens to be Stephanie’s boyfriend fiancĂ© husband, although his qualifications are much more impressive than just that.

If you are an author, publisher, editor, agent, or other person of that ilk and you have a book that you would like us to review, please contact us. Please note that we do not guarantee reviews within a certain time period (I would LOVE to, but I’m in law school), and we do not guarantee good reviews (unless you only send me good books). Site statistics also available upon request.

In accordance with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, Someone’s Read it Already would like everyone to know that while in general Stephanie purchases her own books, there are a few authors and publishers that send her books for free, and it is probably safer to assume that all books fall into the latter category.

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