Counterfeit Magic, by Kelley Armstrong


Once upon a time I went through all the Women of the Underworld books that Kelley Armstrong wrote. That was back when there were only eight plus a novella. Um. I think she’s up to eleven novels in that series, with a twelfth to be released later this year. There are also two short-story collections and four novellas, one of which is this one, published by Subterranean Press some time last year. Also another series, the first of which will be reviewed shortly. She’s still Canadian. I checked.

Anyway, Counterfeit Magic is narrated by Paige Winterbourne, the main character of Dime Store Magic and Industrial Magic. It features her and Savannah Levine, the daughter of Eve Levine, narrator and star of both Haunted and Angelic (the latter also a Sub Press book). Savannah is also the narrator of books 11-13 of the series, apparently. Paige and her husband run a private investigation business, and Savannah works for them as well. They receive an invitation to investigate a case that involves the existence of underground supernatural fight clubs, and Paige and Savannah have to infiltrate them. Continue reading Counterfeit Magic, by Kelley Armstrong