FTC Regulations, et al

Just to reiterate what’s in the little box in the sidebar . . .

There are a handful of publishers and authors who send me books for free. Generally,┬áif I’m reading something from a small press, it was sent to me for free. Also, I’ll be notating if I received a book free in the future.

The rest of the books I review I, well, probably get from a library, buy used, or (very rarely) get for full price. I don’t have enough disposable income to buy three or five books a week new. I try to make up for the fact that authors don’t usually make royalties off of me by posting reviews.

Oh, and no one ever pays me for review content. Ever. That’s immoral. I will, occasionally, choose not to review a book that I’ve been sent due to, well, not being able to say anything at all nice about it, but I can only think of a couple instances of that in the two and some years I’ve been doing this.

In three weeks, I’ll be on Xmas break, so look for a pile of reviews then.

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