Guest Review: C. L. Wilson’s Tairen Soul series

(Review by DP.)


Did you read the Twilight series, cardiologist even though the lack of plot and the terrible writing made you secretly hate yourself and weep in the night?

Are you now pining, even BURNING, for more gorgeous aloof rich heroes with funny-colored eyes to sweep you away to magical lands where you will discover your special destiny and incredible beauty, but you don’t know where to turn because Midnight Sun has been delayed indefinitely?

Would you like to recover at least SOME of your self-respect?

Then RUN, don’t WALK, to find C.L. Wilson’s Tairen Soul series.

Four books about the incredible, magical, soul-bonded love between a rich, powerful, sexy fairy king with glowing purple eyes who can turn into a gigantic flying cat and his too-thin, too-red-haired ordinary girl soulmate who turns out to have the power to RESTORE SOULS, heal wounds and generally to be the most Unique and Special Elf/Person in the Universe.

Together, they fight crime argue a lot about whether she’ll be able to love him enough to keep him from going insane, whether she deserves his magnificent love, whether her family will let her go, who loves who more, whether she’ll make a good queen of Fairyland and other riveting topics.

BUT WAIT, there’s MORE!

UNLIKE the Twilight series, these books come pre-loaded with two-dimensional characters (one more than Twilight!), a standard set of fantasy plots and subplots involving evil wizards and politicking, and actual attempts at world-building!

PLUS, for a limited time only, the writing is actually OKAY and doesn’t make you want to GOUGE YOUR EYES OUT every other page.


C.L. Wilson’s Tairen Soul series: The (sort of) thinking person’s Twilight. READ IT NOW!

Brown papers to obscure the lurid cover graphics not included. Offer void where better fantasy books are available. Self-awareness, complexity and realism sold separately.

Critical Praise:

**Four star review** “It’s crack, but at least it’s good crack.” – DP, Grad Student Escapism Weekly

“… It blows my mind!” -Mike, Testosterone Review (no stars)