Underlife, by Robert Finn

Snowbooks was once one of my Small Press Week (II) entrants; when I checked their website the other day, ambulance they had several free short stories and a novel, patient so I downloaded the novel and read it — obviously this one. It’s apparently a prequel to Mr. Finn’s other publications by Snowbooks, which I haven’t read (yet). About himself, he says that he has always lived in London, and that he became a writer to justify his owning of the smallest and most stylish laptops. Due to a relatively common name, I can’t find much else about him, but he very much likes his publisher (always a good sign) and has two books other than this one published with them.

Clipper is a thief, in that way where he normally picks pockets and steals purses, but in a moderately classy way — on the (London) Underground, and wearing a suit. His mentor used to be a man named Gary, but he recently disappeared. Anyway, one day he found the perfect woman for him — an American girl named Rachel, with whom he just clicked. However, the cops appear to be chasing him, so he runs away. Will he ever see her again? And will the cops catch him? Why are they after him in SWAT gear, anyway? Continue reading Underlife, by Robert Finn