Street Magic (Black London, book 1), by Caitlin Kittredge

Caitlin Kittredge is younger than I am by close to two years, men’s health which of course makes me feel rather un-accomplished. In any case, she’s a Washington state native, with more than one cat, and has been writing forever. A fan of comic books and speculative fiction, she’s sold two series to a major New York publisher (this one, to be started in June, and her Nocturne City series, with the third volume out this month), a superhero volume, and a handful of short stories and novellas. She’s also got a YA novel/series and a screenplay in the works, and I seriously hope she’s a full-time writer, because otherwise her day job’s going to be losing her very quickly.

Pete Caldecott (female) is a detective-inspector with the Metropolitan London police force. Her father was the chief until just before his recent death, so she’s got it in her blood. When some children turn up missing, she puts her all into it — and because of the nature of the case, ends up back into contact with Jack Winter, whom she hasn’t seen in twelve years. He’d been her sister’s boyfriend, and then had hung out with her quite a bit. Of course, she thought he died twelve years ago, and now he’s not in such great shape. However, there’s magic involved, and children are having their souls sucked from them — and Pete would do anything to stop it. Continue reading Street Magic (Black London, book 1), by Caitlin Kittredge