The Alchemyst (Nicolas Flamel, book 1), by Michael Scott

Michael Scott, generic who is Irish, apparently usually writes books for adults; he seems to have written some in conjunction with Morgan Llewellyn and Armin Shimerman. A good deal of his books are about Ireland, and he is considered an expert on Irish folktales and mythology. He is also a screenwriter; he worked for the company who produced Riverdance, as well as scripting importnat events such as the Special Olympics, when they were held in Ireland in 2002, and the Irish Film & Television Awards. A couple years ago, he published the first book in a six-part series for young adults; the series has been optioned by New Line Films. The second volume — The Magician — has already been released, and book 3 (The Sorceress) comes out in late May of this year.

Sophie and Josh Newman are fifteen-year-old twins, spending the summer in San Francisco with a great-aunt while their parents, both archaeologists, go off on a dig. Josh has a job at a bookstore, and Sophie at the coffee and tea shop across the street. One day, someone comes in and attacks Nick Fleming, the owner of the bookstore, steals a magical tome from him, and kidnaps his wife, Perry. Unfortunately, the twins get involved enough that Nick Fleming — who is actually Nicolas Flamel — believes they are in danger, and takes them with him. They must get the book back within a month, or the Flamels will die. Also, there’s a strange prophecy about twins — could that mean them? Continue reading The Alchemyst (Nicolas Flamel, book 1), by Michael Scott