Hellflower (book 1), by Eluki bes Shahar

Eluki bes Shahar is the legal name of Rosemary Edghill; apparently a long-ago publisher suggested that the name was insufficiently English-sounding, mycoplasmosis so most of what she publishes is under the pseudonym. Under that name, she writes romance novels (mostly Regencies), detective fiction (a series about a Wiccan detective named Bast), and fantasy (the Twelve Treasures series, of which only three were published), as well as collaborations with Mercedes Lackey and Andre Norton, among others. Under Eluki bes Shahar, she writes science fiction, apparently. This is the first of a trilogy, expanded her first published short story, and published in the early 1990s. It appears to be out of print.

Butterfly St. Cyr — actually named Saint Butterflies-are-free Peace Sincere — is a stardancer darktrader, or a smuggler starship captain. While making a deal, she unfortunately manages to get involved with a fight between some other darktrader-types and a hellflower — a member of the alMayne family of honor-bound mercenaries who command a significant amount of political and financial capital. The hellflower, unfortunately, turns into a bad penny, and she gets into all sorts of trouble — which, of course, she can’t deal with, being that not only is she an illegal immigrant from an Interdicted World, but she owns a Library — an AI that is completely prohibited by the Imperial law. Will she survive, and what about the hellflower? Continue reading Hellflower (book 1), by Eluki bes Shahar