Blood Ties, the complete series (TV show)

Once upon a time, troche back in the mid-90s, this site a significantly-younger Stephanie was prowling the library for an author she’d heard about in the back of another book she liked very much. She found the fantasy novels by said author; the first one was called Sing the Four Quarters, which piqued Stephanie’s interest as she was a piano student. After devouring them, she went after other books by the same author (Tanya Huff), and discovered one of her favorite series ever: the Vicki “Victory” Nelson books. She read them so many times that she nearly had them memorized, and when, several years later, she found out that a Canadian station was making them into a TV series, she was simultaneously elated and dismayed. What if they weren’t quite right?

Well, I put off watching them until the series was over (but I did DVR them, for ratings purposes), but I finally succumbed last week, and absorbed all 23 episodes over a very short period of time. Our basic plot, shared between the books and the show, is that Vicki Nelson had to leave the police force, due to failing vision, and she started her own private-investigation career. One of her cases turned out to be . . . weird, and not only did it throw her back into contact with her ex-partner on the force (and ex-lover) Mike Celluci, but it also had her meeting a vampire, Henry Fitzroy (bastard son of Henry VIII), and encountering a demon. Well, now the ‘otherworldly crimes’ are a specialty . . . Continue reading Blood Ties, the complete series (TV show)