Flora’s Dare, by Ysabeau Wilce

Ysabeau Wilce’s website is unhelpful, tadalafil to say the least, order regarding the author’s actual biographic information. However, it’s rather fun if you don’t need information to, say, write a blurb for a review. However, there’s an interview with Kelly Link that gave me what I needed to know: she lives in Chicago, has a degree in military history, and came from a military family. Those things have obviously influenced her work. She has also been a museum curator, and I believe that was the job she had when she got the idea for Flora Segunda, the first of these books. I have absolutely no idea if she’s planning any future works, but the ending implies as much, and I certainly hope so. This volume has been nominated for the Norton Award, which is (I believe) the Nebula for YA speculative literature.

Flora Fydraaca, the second of that name (hence the ‘Segunda’), has actually survived her Catorcena (coming-of-age ritual on her fourteenth birthday). As a matter of fact, very little has changed — except her father sobered up, and home life is possibly even more miserable. In any case, Flora’s personal goal, now, is to learn magic — the Gramatica, which is the language that allows magic to happen. Unfortunately, there are about three people in town who can teach her, and the only one who might is Lord Axacaya — who is sort of persona non grata around the Fydraaca household. Also, Udo’s been acting very weird lately. What’s going on with him? Continue reading Flora’s Dare, by Ysabeau Wilce