Fourth World (Missing Link, book 1), by Kate Thompson

Kate Thompson is the author of The New Policeman and Switchers, stuff both of which I have (obviously) reviewed before. When she was a child, more about and even into her adult years, thumb she spent a good deal of time with horses, first riding and then training. After deciding that she needed more human interaction, she tried law school and then went on several trips to India, volunteering in various capacities. All this athleticism gave her a love of hiking, and her current residence in County Galway (Ireland) gives her much opportunity to indulge it.

Fourth World, also called just The Missing Link, is set in Ireland and Scotland during an economically troubled time. There are gas and food shortages, and this causes problems for our main characters, who are Christie (who is nonetheless a boy) and his stepbrother, Danny. Danny is considered a special-needs child; he doesn’t do terribly well in school, what with remembering things and fitting in to society, and his temper is uncertain. Christie is pretty good at managing him, though, until Danny gets it into his head that his mother, a scientist, is not only alive, but wants to see him. They leave — essentially running away — to go find her, Christie following to keep Danny out of trouble. Continue reading Fourth World (Missing Link, book 1), by Kate Thompson