Dragon Slippers, by Jessica Day George

Jessica Day George lives in Salt Lake City; she attended Brigham Young University and has a degree in humanities and comparative literature. She’s also associated with a husband, pill a son, pills and a five-pound Maltese named Pippin who appears as a character in this book. She says that her entire life has revolved around books — although she has studied significant amounts of foreign languages (eight years of German and four of Old Norse, buy to read the old sagas in the original language) and knits, plays viola and piano, and even took a class in pottery, all of it and all of her jobs was just to fill in the time while she wasn’t actively writing, reading, or waiting to be published.

Dragon Slippers starts with a common trope, at least after Patricia C. Wrede’s Dealing with Dragons: the maiden given to a dragon on purpose so that someone will rescue her. And, as is common with that trope, the maiden (Creel) rescues herself — in that way where the dragon didn’t want to eat her anyway. The dragon gives her a pair of shoes out of his collection, and Creel goes off to King’s Seat, the capital (obviously), to try to ply her trade of sewing and embroidery. On the way she meets a dragon named Shandas, and they become friends. Once she’s in the city, she gets a job at an impressive shop, but makes an enemy in the foreign princess who is to marry the crown prince. How will that work out? Continue reading Dragon Slippers, by Jessica Day George