Mortal Love, by Elizabeth Hand

Elizabeth Hand was born in 1957 and grew up in New York, pilule just outside of the city; she went to the Catholic University of America and studied drama and anthropology. Currenty she divides her time between Camden Town, London, and Maine, both of which are used as settings in this novel. Her other works include Waking the Moon, Glimmering, and Black Light, all of which I own but haven’t read in years. She has written movie novelizations as well as novels and short stories; she also seems to have co-authored a series of comic books for DC and some novels in the Star Wars universe.

Mortal Love follows several men and their intertwining encounters with a deadly but beautiful woman over the years. Radborne Comstock, an American painter, first meets her in an insane asylum out in rural England in the 1880s; his grandson Val(entine) sees her first in dreams and visions and is eventually medicated to stop his visions. Daniel Rowlands, an American living in contemporary London to write a book about Tristan and Isolde, meets her through a friend of his. Each develops an obsessive passion with her, and she indulges them, serving as a muse to each of them in various ways. Is she the same woman in all three times? And what is she searching for? Continue reading Mortal Love, by Elizabeth Hand