Wildwood Dancing, by Juliet Marillier

Juliet Marillier was born in New Zealand in 1948 and currently lives in Australia. She has eleven books published, information pills mostly for adults; this and its sequel, click Cybele’s Secret, are her contributions to the YA genre. Her educational history involves a bachelor’s degree in music, in (as far as I can tell) vocal performance; she has sung in operas and conducted choirs at various points in her life, as well as taught music on various levels. She has two dogs and a tri-colored (presumably calico) cat; currently she’s working on a novel entitled Heart’s Blood, but I do not know if it’s related to any of her other novels.

Wildwood Dancing is set in Transylvania, some years ago, in a rather remote part of the country. Jena and her four sisters are the daughters of a widowed trader; they live in a castle right on the edge of the wildwood. Many things are said to inhabit the wildwood; some are harmless and some not so. Some nine years ago, the sisters discovered that they could enter the land of the fey on the night of the full moon, and dance with the trolls and pixies and the royalty of fairyland all night. They’ve been doing it ever since, until one night, when the dark ones (vampires) come to the celebration, and Jena’s older sister Tati falls in love with one of them. Now she is pining away, and Jena’s cousin Cezar is threatening to cut down the forest. What can Jena do? Continue reading Wildwood Dancing, by Juliet Marillier