Twilight Child, by Sally Warner

Sally Warner, help born in New York City but raised in Connecticut and Pasadena, dosage California, surgery is an artist as well as a writer. She writes and illustrates her own books for younger readers, as well as one for the middle-grades (8-12 years old) group. She has also, in addition to being a professional writer, taught art education and has exhibited her drawings (primarily charcoal) across the country. This novel seems to be one of her two historical-set novels; the other is set during Victorian England and, as far as I can tell, doesn’t involve any fantasy at all. Other titles include It’s Only Temporary, A Long Time Ago Today, and How to be a Real Person: in Just One Day.

Eleni is the daughter of a fisherman in Swedish-held Finland; the Swedes are conscripting the Finns into the army to make them fight their wars. However, Eleni’s father is implicated in a rebellion and disappears; she and her mother go to work for different Swedish families as servants. Eleni was born at twilight, and specifically the twilight of the winter solstice, so she can speak to various supernatural creatures like brownies and trolls. Will she ever see her father again? Will she ever be able to live with her mother again? And, last but not least, will she ever see her childhood best friend/sweetheart Matias again? Continue reading Twilight Child, by Sally Warner