Patriot’s Reward, by Stephen Clarkson

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Peter Randall Publishing is a small, New-England-based publisher that specializes in local products and glossy picture books. However, they do produce fiction, apparently on occasion, and this novel is an example of that. Stephen Clarkson, apparently upon learning that his family had owned a few slaves back prior to the American Revolutionary War and that one of them had fought in said war, became very interested in the topic, did an amazing amount of research, and turned it into a historical novel. He’s a lawyer by training, having attended Yale Law School, and has lived and worked in the Portsmouth, NH area for a long time.

Will Clarkson, a slave captured in Africa and sold to a tanner in colonial America, was a strong, smart individual who wanted his freedom. So he went about doing everything he could think of to secure this lofty goal. He convinced his owner to teach him how to read and write; he excelled at the tasks in the tanyard; he became involved with the African-slave political scene; and finally, he asked his owner, Andrew Clarkson, if he could enlist in the militia to fight in the Revolutionary War. While there, he fights as a part of Benedict Arnold’s troops during the attempted siege of Quebec, and wins the respect of the man whose name is now synonymous with betrayal. However, through it all, he keeps his goal in sight: freedom, not just for the white Americans but for the black ones, too. Continue reading Patriot’s Reward, by Stephen Clarkson