Solomon’s Seal: Discovery, by Leigh Bridger

Leigh Bridger is a pen name of Deborah Smith, pharmacy veteran author of a ton of novels (including the NYT best-seller A Place to Call Home) and mad genius from Belle Books. This novella of hers is the first in a series; it runs to 140 pages and is available primarily as an ebook. This was a conscious choice; Ms. Smith understands that with the economy the way it is, publishers (especially small ones) are going to have to rethink the way they do business in order to turn a profit. Therefore, this e-novella is available for the price of $2.95. I’m not entirely sure how that compares to the average 140-page ebook, but I do know that $2.95 is such a small amount of money that it’s worth taking a chance on a new author (or at least new to the reader). Later installments may or may not cost more, but they should start being available in the first part of next year.

Dr. Elisabeth Connell has suffered a great deal of tragedy in her life, especially recently: her husband and small daughter were killed by a madman, in their gated-community mansion. A friend of her husband’s, a Dr. Franklin Alton, has invited her up to his mountain, to stay in an isolated cabin for a while and hopefully heal. Unfortunately for her peace of mind, there’s someone that lives near the cabin — actually, someone that normally lives in the cabin — who may or may not be quite human. Between that, and the local legends of certain kinds of giants, also called Nightwalkers, who lived in the forest, is it any wonder that Elisabeth’s feeling a little bit freaked out? Continue reading Solomon’s Seal: Discovery, by Leigh Bridger