The Moonstone, by Marilee Brothers

Marilee Brothers grew up in and currently resides in central Washington state, oncology and from what I can tell, she loves it there. The Moonstone is her second novel, and it’s set there; not only that, but Allie and her story live in the same area as Ms. Brothers. Apparently she is outnumbered by the males in her family (four to one) and has published one novel before this, a historical paranormal romance under a pseudonym. She says on her website that she never even considered writing YA novels until she got a rejection letter from a publisher who suggested that with her style (described as combination of ‘goofy and intelligent’) she would be a natural YA writer. This book was published by Belle Books, like Bite Me.

Alfrieda Carlotta Emerson, generally called Allie, lives in a trailer with her mother — the kind of trailer that actually is mobile, unlike a good deal of so-called mobile homes. Normally the trailer rests on her uncle’s property, although his wife hates it. She’s fourteen, and everything about her life has been normal, if a bit disadvantaged, until she slips off a ladder, hits her head, and then stops a bull from running her over — with her mind. Then, all of a sudden, everything changes. She acquires a flaky spiritual guide named Trilby; her friend, an older woman named Kizzy, gives her a moonstone pendant; and now people seem to be after her. On top of that, the Child Protection Board is snooping around and wondering if maybe her mother isn’t fit to take care of her. Can she survive the stalkers and keep living with her mother? Continue reading The Moonstone, by Marilee Brothers