Small Press Week II at Someone’s Read it Already

A couple months ago, cure we had the first installment of Small Press Week. I’ve managed to collect another five publishers, pilule so we’re having our second installment of Small Press Week (Small Press Week — the Sequel!) already. I’m very happy to be doing this; there is a wealth of small publishers out there, stomach for every kind of book you can imagine.

As I said last time, there are many reasons to publish with a small press; there are also many reasons to start a small publishing company. In some cases, the publishers decided that they could do better in some way, shape, or fashion. In other cases, the publishers saw a hole in the market and wanted to fill it. In all cases, though, the publishers (at least the ones I’ve selected) are dedicated to providing the best product possible for their readers.

Some of the publishers I’ve selected specialize in classics; some specialize in women’s fiction; some specialize in short-story collections. Some are British (actually, 3 of them are); some are American. (I haven’t tempted an Australian, New Zealander, or Canadian publisher yet, and I can only read in English. Unfortunately.) Some have been around for quite a few years; one is barely two. Some we’ve seen before in Small Press Week — the Original; most of them are brand-new to me as well as to Small Press Week.

As always, if you are a small publisher and you’d like to be included in Small Press Week III, please send me an email (see the ‘Contact’ button above).

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