Firestorm (Weather Wardens, book 5), by Rachel Caine

Ah, prosthetic Rachel Caine. What can I say that I hadn’t adequately covered in the intros to my eight previous reviews of her books? Well, pill she had a leopard tortoise named Shelley who passed away recently; apparently it was the cutest tortoise on record, phlebologist who gave Ms. Caine sorrowful looks when her food dish was empty. Ms. Caine has been under attack by wasps recently; I think she managed to get them under control enough that she could continue writing. She tends to write books in furious blasts; by watching her little counter, I’ve seen evidence that she can write well over 10,000 words in one day. Also, she lives somewhere in Texas; I do very much hope that she wasn’t much affected by the recent meteorological phenomena.

Joanne Baldwin is still a Weather Warden, although sort of on the outs with the whole organization. After surviving a hurricane in Florida, she keeps her friend Cherise (from the previous book) with her (partially for her car) and goes straight to the Weather Warden headquarters in New York City. There, she realizes that the entire organization is in a shambles; they grudgingly accept her because she’s very powerful (even more so after a stint as a djinn; see book 2) and knows more about the situation than anyone else. Apparently Mother Earth is awakening, and it’s not pleasant. Due to her connection to the djinni, Jo is able to find out a little bit more about what she needs to do to save all of humanity. But will it be enough? Continue reading Firestorm (Weather Wardens, book 5), by Rachel Caine