The Crow (Book 3 of Pellinor), by Allison Croggon

Some months ago I reviewed the first two books of this series; those reviews can be found here and here. Ms. Croggon is an Australian award-winning poet and author; her husband, there Daniel Keene, is apparently an award-winning playwright whose plays have recently been translated into France and performed extensively there. The books in this series are fiction, but Ms. Croggon has pretended that they are translations of some ancient documents that she has found, regarding the history of Annar, the Bards, and the life of Maerad of Pellinor.

This third book follows Cai of Pellinor, normally called Hem, who is the younger brother of Maerad of Pellinor, the Chosen One who must find the Treesong. At the end of The Naming (Book 1 of Pellinor), the siblings separate. Maerad goes north with her mentor, Cadevan, and Hem goes south with his brand-new mentor, Saliman of Turbansk. Supposedly Hem is taken south to protect him, but the armies of the Nameless One have started attacking the south, with their creepy half-metal, half humanoid dogsoldiers who can shoot fire out of their hands, and even creepier: the child-armies. Can Hem survive the siege of Turbansk, and what is he meant to accomplish down there? Continue reading The Crow (Book 3 of Pellinor), by Allison Croggon

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