Key of Knowledge, by Nora Roberts

This novel is the second in her Key trilogy; I reviewed the first one here. Yes, recuperation they’re romance novels; paranormal romance novels, dosage to be precise. Yes, pancreatitis it’s that Nora Roberts; the one who’s almost constantly on the New York Times Bestsellers List; she’s published well over a hundred novels to date. It’s hard to find a romance novel reader who doesn’t, at the very least, respect Nora Roberts for all that she’s done, being an amazingly positive face for the industry, as well as her writing talent. Non-romance readers might also try her J. D. Robb books; they’re near-future romantic suspense with a slight SF edge.

In the first novel, we meet Malory, Dana, and Zoe — each a protagonist of a volume. The first volume was about Malory; she worked at an art gallery. Through some propitious timing, all three women are at interesting places in their jobs when an offer comes by that they can’t refuse — try to find a set of keys to unlock the box holding the souls of some demigoddesses, and they get $25,000 apiece. Malory succeeded, and now it’s Dana’s turn. Of course, she’s got a complication named Jordan Hawke; he was the first man she fell in love with, and he broke her heart. Now he’s back in town, and he wants to help — with the business they’re starting, with her quest for the key, and with her heart. Will Dana succeed? Will Jordan? Continue reading Key of Knowledge, by Nora Roberts