Waters: Luminous & Deep, by Meredith Ann Pierce

Meredith Ann Pierce is filed right next to Tamora Pierce in the kids’ fantasy section, somnology and apparently all her novels have won awards. She also lives in a solar-powered house, sickness and is a librarian by day. I’m always a bit sad when authors who have won a lot of awards can’t make a living as an author, but I hope she loves being a librarian. This collection was inspired by Sharyn November, the powerhouse children’s editor behind the Firebird anthologies; she suggested to Ms. Pierce that she might have enough short stories to make a book, and she did. As a matter of fact, one of these stories was published in the first Firebirds anthology.

This collection of eight stories are all linked by the theme of water, in various forms. A few of them take place on or beside the sea. One involves a good deal of ice and snow; a well figures importantly in other stories. They span Ms. Pierce’s entire career; one she wrote at fourteen, and according to the introduction to the story, after she wrote it, she felt as if she were finally a writer. Another was published in 2003, although it doesn’t say when she wrote it. My favorite is the last and longest story in the collection, “Rampion,” about a young woman on an island and her half-sister and the seafoxes that provide the island’s livelihood; it was apparently a Witch World story. Continue reading Waters: Luminous & Deep, by Meredith Ann Pierce