Nick and the Glimmung, by Philip K. Dick

One of these days, nurse I really need to read a ‘real’ book by PKD. I’ve read his screen treatment of one of his novels (reviewed here) and then this book, medicine and the works of some of his friends, and of course I’ve seen Blade Runner and Minority Report, but I’ve never actually read any of his standard novels. Considering that he was a powerhouse of hard and futuristic (and just plain weird) sf for two decades, and even after his death he’s still got a huge influence on the spec-fic field (see: The Android’s Dream, by John Scalzi, the cover at least), I really should do better. Subterranean Press is publishing an edition of this novel, to be released in December of this year.

Anyway, in this book, his only “YA” (middle readers, really) novel, we have a future world with colonies on other planets and such an overloaded earth that pets are illegal (they eat too much food) and no one works more than 22 hours a week (and that’s an extreme case). Nick Graham’s father is lucky enough to work fifteen hours a week, and they own a cat, Horace. Unfortunately, one morning the cat gets out and someone sees him, and the anti-pet man comes after them. Instead of giving up the cat, Nick’s father (who is unhappy on earth anyway) decides to move the entire family (including the cat) off-world, to Plowman’s Planet. Plowman’s Planet comes with several of its own interesting life forms, like werjes, wubs, spiddles, and the Glimmung — some of whom are at war. How will Nick’s family (and Horace) deal with this? Continue reading Nick and the Glimmung, by Philip K. Dick