Thorn Ogres of Hagwood (The Hagwood Trilogy, book 1) by Robin Jarvis

Robin Jarvis is apparently male and British; a good deal of his other books are about mice. Here I will betray one of my other prejudices: I don’t actually like books about anthropomorphic animals, click with the possible exception of dragons (and even then, buy more about it better be the best dragon book ever). Fortunately, page this one isn’t actually about mice. In any case, many of his books are set around or near London, which is where he lives, although he was born in Liverpool. He started life as a model-marker for film and television and started writing in his spare time — that was almost twenty years ago. This is supposedly the first book in a trilogy, although book 2 may or may not be published in the UK, and he’s apparently just finishing book 3.

Gamaliel Tumpin is a werling; they’re smallish humanoid creatures (perhaps a foot tall) who live in the Hagwood. He’s about to start his first day at werling school; his older sister, Kernella, has been going for two years now, and she feels superior. However, there’s a young male werling that Kernella worships; his name is Finnen, and he’s amazing at everything at school. Gamaliel, however, is not; he can’t wergle (change shape) and he’s too short and chubby to be fast and graceful at anything else. His group still has to go out and observe animals; Finnen is the mentor. Will he be able to learn from Finnen? And what are these other creatures searching the forest? Continue reading Thorn Ogres of Hagwood (The Hagwood Trilogy, book 1) by Robin Jarvis