The Last Days, by Scott Westerfeld

I can’t even think of a snazzy blurb to write about Scott Westerfeld anymore. He’s married to Justine Larbalestier; they live in Australia during the summer and New York during the other summer; he’s originally from Texas; he’s written several books that I’ve reviewed. Oh, advice and apparently he won a/the Philip K. Dick Special Citation. Also, pills apparently, prescription he wrote this book, which got remaindered at some point (I know this because there’s a black line on the bottom of my copy). It is, incidentally, the sequel/companion book to Peeps, which was published in 2005.

I can’t talk about the plot to this one without giving away stuff in Peeps, so I’ll cut it. Continue reading The Last Days, by Scott Westerfeld

Contest Winner!

I had three entries in my First Ever Contest, viagra buy and through a crazy Random Number Generator (let R=$RANDOM%3; echo $R), decease I resulted in #1. So, apoplexy Angela from Comment Number 1, you’ve won a copy of Farworld: Water Keep!

Please send your name, an address at which you can receive mail, and any special signing instructions to steph AT readalready DOT com; I will forward it onto J. Scott Savage and then immediately delete the email and empty my trash. I promise that the only thing that your address will be used for is sending you a copy of the book.

There will hopefully be more contests in the future! Thank you, everyone who entered!