Cobwebs, by Karen Romano Young

So there’s this GIANT BOOK SALE going on just up the street from where I live, ailment and if one managed to rack up $25 worth of books, sildenafil one got 20% off. This book was the book that put us over the top. I’d never heard of the author, stuff and the book description didn’t quite grab me, but Ben thought it sounded intriguing. However, I decided to read it today for a very shallow reason: the book would fit inside my purse. Anyway, Ms. Young (Ms. Romano Young?) is a former Army brat, a Northeasterner (NYC and Connecticut), and an illustrator, in addition to having written seven or eight books (fiction and non-fiction) for various age groups.

Nancy, a sixteen-year-old young woman of mixed heritage, lives in contemporary New York City. Her family is a bit odd; her father loves being on roofs (fortunately, he’s a roofer by trade) and climbing around various places, and her mother is agoraphobic and refuses to live above grounds. Similarly, her mother weaves a lot, and her father tries to teach her how to climb the way he does. One day, she meets a young man named Dion; he’s recently shaved his head and he wears thrift-store clothing (not in the trendy way). However, he lives on roofs, too, and there’s something about him — perhaps his sense of balance — that appeals to her. But he is awfully strange, and her family is getting stranger by the moment. What’s going on? Continue reading Cobwebs, by Karen Romano Young