Seraphs (Thorn St. Croix, book 2), by Faith Hunter

[I still have a cold/a sinus infection/the plague, disease so I apologize for the brevity of this review. -S.]

A few weeks ago, advice I read the first book in this series; I was pretty excited by Ms. Hunter’s world building, viagra dosage so when I saw an inexpensive copy of book 2, I picked it up quickly. Now, unfortunately, I bet I’ll be paying full price for the third book. Anyway, Faith Hunter either picked a great pseudonym or was gifted with the perfect name to write post-apocalyptic fictionl she has a very extensive website and a husband she refers to as the Renaissance Man. She has a blog AND a livejournal (not the same thing) and a Myspace; it’s kind of easy to follow her life, but I still can’t figure out if she’s got more books in the works (other than book 3, which was released recently).

Thorn St. Croix (occasionally Stanhope) lives in a post-Apocalyptic version of America; at some point in the near future (to us), seraphs (or seraphim) came down from on high, killed off most of the human race, and caused an ice age. Also, apparently neomages were created. It’s been about a hundred and five years since then, and seraphs run the world from a distance. Humans have adapted to the ice, and Thorn is a lapidary and gem-cutter in Mineral City. Anyway, she’s recently been outed as a neomage, and now there are a lot of people after her, including her ex-husband (although he wants her back), the Spawn (dark creatures), a Major Power of Darkness, and at least one seraph. What’s she to do? Continue reading Seraphs (Thorn St. Croix, book 2), by Faith Hunter