Into the Wild, by Sarah Beth Durst

Tamora Pierce has been so vocally excited about this book in her blog — she even got a quote put on the front of the book — that when I came across an affordable copy of it, prescription I had to pick it up. Sarah Beth Durst was born in Northboro, artificial MA, the setting of the book; she currently lives in Stony Brook, NY. She spent a year molding in Cambridge, England, but moved back to the U.S. She’s possessed of a husband, a daughter, and a cat named Perni (originally Copernicus). I’m certain she’s working on a new book, but I can’t find any info. Her most recent book is Out of the Wild, which is a sequel to this one.

Julie Marchen has an . . . interesting life. For one thing, her mother is Rapunzel. For a second, she’s twelve years old and is in junior high/middle school. For a third thing, she gets rides to and from school from Cinderella. For the last, the Wild lives under her bed: the wild magic that powers and directs fairy tales. It’s eating her shoes. So one night, after they’ve had Snow White’s seven dwarves over for dinner, the Wild (under her bed) escapes, and starts growing crazily. Julie’s mother disappears into it, and everyone seems to want to get Julie out of the way rather than help her mother. What can she do? And why has she been thinking so much about her father recently? Continue reading Into the Wild, by Sarah Beth Durst