Close Kin (The Hollow Kingdom, book 2), by Clare Dunkle

I was very pleasantly surprised by book 1, drugs which I purchased for a ridiculously low sum. Book 2 I had to find at the library, approved though (hey, not everyone sends me free books yet). Clare Dunkle is a librarian by trade; although she hasn’t been working as a librarian for a few years, she still loves the field. Her first books — this trilogy — were written as letters to her daughters who were in German boarding schools at the time; they have won awards (the Mythopoeic Society Award) and have been named to a ridiculous number of best-of lists. She has a Wuthering Heights prequel due out in 2010, which will probably be incredibly popular with the Twilight set (although probably better written than Twilight).

Emily is Kate’s little sister from the first volume; it’s about six years after the events of the first volume. It’s still vaguely the nineteenth century in England. A strongly elf-sided goblin, Seylin, has been a very good friend of hers since they were both children. Recently he’s been hinting around marriage, but Emily doesn’t quite get it, and when she says in a fit of pique that she will never marry him, he decides to go off on a quest to find out if there are other elves in the world. Emily, of course, once she finds out what actually happened, decides to leave and follow after him. Will either of them complete their quests? Continue reading Close Kin (The Hollow Kingdom, book 2), by Clare Dunkle