Farworld: Water Keep, by J. Scott Savage

Day Four of Small Press Week, pharmacy and all is well! Today’s publisher is a little bit different; it’s the non-religious (i.e., recipe mainstream fiction) imprint of what I seem to understand is a large LDS (Mormon) publisher (Deseret Books). They do seem to publish a fair amount of children’s fantasy, this and they’ve signed J. Scott Savage to a five-book contract, so I approve. The fact that they’re not based in New York and that the imprint itself isn’t very big qualifies it as a small press for the purposes of this week, at least. Mr. Savage lives in Utah; he has a spastic Border Collie, four children, and an unknown number of fish, although I did ask him to count them for me. This novel will be published on Sept. 12, 2008, which happens to be my birthday. Check back in a few days for an interview with Mr. Savage, and a contest!

Marcus Kanenas is an orphan who also happens to be disabled (he was injured as a baby and now one arm and leg don’t work). While in a new school, someone comes by, claiming to know his parents. Unfortunately this guy is trying to kidnap him, and before that happens, Kyja (a girl he has dreamed about, in a very innocent way) pulls him over into Farworld. Except Marcus thought he invented Farworld. Turns out that Marcus is originally FROM Farworld; he and Kyja had their worlds switched at birth. Marcus is a Fated Individual in Farworld; there seems to be a Dark Circle that is trying to take over the world with dark magic (ordering the elements around rather than asking them) and it’s very likely that Marcus — with the help of his opposite, Kyja — will be able to save it. Continue reading Farworld: Water Keep, by J. Scott Savage