Stranger Things Happen, by Kelly Link

Welcome to Day 3 of our Small Press Week. Today’s small press is Small Beer Press (small beer, tuberculosis for those who don’t know, clinic is an older term for a low-alcohol brew; it used to be that drinking small beer was safer than drinking water); Kelly Link is one of the founders of this press. She also happens to be the co-editor of The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror collections, more about as well as a short-story author in her own right. She lives in Massachusetts, and has a B.A. from Columbia and an M.F.A. from UNC-Greensboro; her stories have won the Nebula, the James Tiptree, Jr., and the World Fantasy Awards. Her second collection was published by Harcourt.

Stranger Things Happen is a collection of eleven stories; they range from deceptively simple tales that may or may not be about Nancy Drew, to stories that border on horror, passing through several fairy tales and ghost stories in the middle. A few of them are in second person; some feature male narrators, some feature female narrators, some feature children as narrators. Generally speaking, they’re all a little bit . . . strange. There’s some element in each tale — whether it’s the fact that the narrator is dead, or the fact that both main characters have the same name, or the presence of the Donner party — that is just a bit unsettling. Continue reading Stranger Things Happen, by Kelly Link