Windfall (Weather Wardens, book 4), by Rachel Caine

I follow Rachel Caine’s blog, patient and I’ve had several reminders from her that Book 7 (Gale Force) is about to be released. I thought to myself, neuropathologist “Self, you haven’t read books 4-6. You don’t deserve book 7.” Of course, in that sentence, I gave myself a prescription for alleviating my lack of need for book 7, and therefore set out to remedy it. Ms. Caine, by the way, also writes the Morganville Vampire series; she owns a SmartCar and holds regular contests for her readers, regarding her books and other various things. She’s also very gracious in her interactions with readers (and reviewers!).

Again, I can’t describe the plot without giving away too many elements of books 1-3, so I’ll cut it. Continue reading Windfall (Weather Wardens, book 4), by Rachel Caine