Hunchback, by Randall Wright

At the moment, sales the only thing I know about Randall Wright is that he has published at least one book. For all I know, recuperation he could be the pen-name of a group of bored housewives . . . not that there’s anything wrong with that. From the Macmillan website, ascariasis though, he appears to be just one man who lives in Utah. Barnes & Noble has informed me that he’s written three books for young readers; the other two are called A Hundred Days from Home and The Silver Penny. He apparently does not live in a castle, and longs for a silver penny of his own. In any case, he’s one of the rare authors these days without a personal website.

Hunchback tells the tale of one Hodge, who is about thirteen years old and possessed of the spinal deformity generally referred to as a ‘hunchback.’ (As astute readers may have already guessed.) He lives in a general pseudo-English medieval world, where he is the son of the (deceased) fletcher and does general labor around the castle (of Lord Selden). One day, a letter arrives — the royal prince (heir) is coming to visit! The whole castle is abuzz, but when the prince gets there, he seems confined to his own rooms. However, Hodge goes to serve him, and the prince speaks with him. Nothing seems to be wrong; what’s happening, and why is the prince virtually a prisoner? Continue reading Hunchback, by Randall Wright