Bloodring (Thorn St. Croix, Book 1), by Faith Hunter

I knew very little about Faith Hunter when I started this book, approved except the fact that her name sounded like one of her characters. (What? She writes post-Apocalyptic fantasy, and her name is Faith Hunter. Legit, I think.) However, her website has informed me that she was born in the bayou and prefers fishing to cooking. She refers to her husband as the Renaissance Man, and apparently there’s even a role-playing game based on her world. Ms. Hunter is also a good friend (writing buddy?) of Kim Harrison, of Dead Witch Walking fame. There are two sequels to this novel.

Thorn St. Croix is a lapidary and jeweler in a post-Apocalyptic world. There are roughly four classes of beings: seraphs (or seraphim, depending on how formal you’re being), who came to the earth a hundred and some-odd years ago and started the Apocalypse; humans, who were pretty much wiped out by the plagues and whatnot; demons/spawn, who feed on human blood and live underground; and mages or neomages, who are (with the exception of Thorn) all licensed, registered, and hidden away in Enclaves where they are called upon occasionally. Thorn herself is a neomage, but she is a refugee from the Enclaves. She’ll die if she stays there. Anyway, Thorn’s very recently ex-husband is kidnapped, and of course she’s a suspect. Can she keep her secret hidden and still help them figure out what’s going on? Continue reading Bloodring (Thorn St. Croix, Book 1), by Faith Hunter