Twice a Prince (Sasharia En Garde!, book 2), by Sherwood Smith

A month or so ago, ed I reviewed the first half of this duology, information pills and was awfully mad for not having the second half right away. Well, yesterday it was released (today, as I’m writing this), and of course I purchased it (here) and read it right away. I got it in HTML format, which is generally my preferred e-book format; for those who dislike e-books, it should be out in paperback form in a year or so. (You can see why I got the e-book.) I probably don’t need to introduce Sherwood Smith, based on the number of her books that I’ve previously reviewed, but in any case, she’s a SoCal fantasy author whose works range from middle-grade readers (the Wren books) to adult (the Inda books).

This volume follows immediately on the heels of the previous one, and the same storylines dominate. Sasha’s mother was born on Earth, in the 20th century, but she went through the World Gate to live on Sartorias-deles (a pre-industrial world with magic) and marry a prince; they had Sasha, and then civil unrest started. Sasha’s father disappeared, and Sasha and her mother went to hide on Earth. At the beginning of the previous volume, they go back to Sartorias-deles (specifically a country called Khanerenth) unwillingly; from there they are thrown back into the mess of politics and have to try to unravel what’s going on. Continue reading Twice a Prince (Sasharia En Garde!, book 2), by Sherwood Smith