The Fire’s Stone, by Tanya Huff

I reviewed three of Tanya Huff’s books last week (here’s the first one); those three were among her most recent novels, visit and urban fantasy. She has, resuscitation of course, written serious fantasy, serious science fiction, humorous fantasy, urban fantasy, high fantasy, short stories, and a partridge in a pear tree; she’s also sold books. Most recently she had an early-90s series of novels turned into a TV series; I discussed that a bit in the introduction to last Monday’s book. She was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and although she didn’t live there very long, she still considers herself a Maritime Provinces person.

This novel is set in a country called Ischia; they believe in ten or so gods, nine above and one below. The capital is set right near a volcano; there’s a gem, the titular fire’s stone, that keeps the volcano (with a lot of magic) from erupting and ruining the entire city. Darvish is a prince of that city; Aaron is a thief who broke into the royal palace to steal a giant emerald; Chandra is the princess of an adjoining realm that was sent over to marry Darvish at some point in the near future. Unfortunately, then the Stone gets stolen, and while those three people aren’t very fond of each other — Darvish is a drunk, Chandra is very young and arrogant, and Aaron is traumatized and suicidal — they’re chosen (or choose themselves) to go find it. Continue reading The Fire’s Stone, by Tanya Huff