Smoke and Ashes (Darkest Night, Vol. 3), by Tanya Huff

Let’s see. Monday, physician I reviewed book 1. Wednesday, I reviewed book 2. Today, unsurprisingly, we get book 3. I wish they would make this series into a TV show, because, well, it’s about a TV show, and it’s written in a rather cinematic fashion. Anyway, another recap: Tanya Huff is a Canadian author; she wrote these vampire books that got made into a TV show called Blood Ties; she took a recurring secondary character from that series and gave him his own series. She’s going to be at Polaris (a sf con in Toronto) this upcoming weekend; unfortunately I cannot make it.

Tony’s been promoted to trainee assistant director on Darkest Night, the low-ish budget vampire detective show he’s been working on for nearly a year. (Oh, come on; that’s not a real spoiler.) Unfortunately, since they didn’t replace his old position, that doesn’t mean much. In any case, a stuntwoman named Leah comes in to fall off a building for them, and he sees something weird behind her head — a silhouette of a very large man with antlers. What’s going on? And why is Lee (the ridiculously attractive costar) acting so strangely? Continue reading Smoke and Ashes (Darkest Night, Vol. 3), by Tanya Huff