The Squire’s Tale, by Gerald Morris

This was another book I picked up on the recommendation of The Ben (my fiance, cheap for those not caught up). Gerald Morris is a born-Californian who now lives in Wisconsin, which may explain some of the appeal to Ben. He has written a series of perhaps a dozen books for middle-grade readers about Sir Gawain, mostly through the eyes of Sir Gawain’s squire, Terence. He’s just recently started a second series for even younger readers (according to Wikipedia).

Terence is living with a hermit with memories of the future when a young man of great knightly skill stops by. After a very bizarre fight involving a frying pan, the young man — Gawain of Orkney, shortly to become Sir Gawain of the Round Table — agrees to take Terence on as his squire. They travel to Camelot and, after Gawain is knighted, receive a quest from King Arthur. They leave, and go around the countryside having adventures that range from the truly dangerous to the truly bizarre to the truly fantastic. Continue reading The Squire’s Tale, by Gerald Morris