Smoke and Mirrors (Darkest Night, Vol. 2), by Tanya Huff

I reviewed book 1 of this series on Monday, public health and I have very little new to say about Tanya Huff or her “Blood”/”Darkest Night” series. In any case, this site to recap, cialis 40mg Ms. Huff wrote five books featuring Vicki Nelson, a former cop turned PI; Henry Fitzroy, a vampire who writes romance novels; and Mike Celluci, Vicki’s old partner on the force. Tony Foster, a recurring character, has finally grown up enough to get his own series, and here it is. Ms. Huff, at one point in her life, worked at Bakka Phoenix Books in Toronto, and I’ve been there. Of course, it was five or ten years after she worked there, but hey, good enough, eh?

Tony Foster is a PA on a low-budget Canadian show about a vampire who also happens to be a detective. One of the crew found an old house that everyone decided would be perfect to film a haunted-house episode in, so the entire cast and crew is somewhat outside Vancouver on location. It’s called Caulfield House, and was formerly owned by Creighton Caulfield, a mining and timber millionaire. It’s a little bit spooky to start with, and when Tony thinks he’s seen a ghost, he’s not that surprised. Of course, everyone is surprised when, at sundown, the house manages to trap more than a dozen members of the cast and crew — including Tony, Mason the star, and Lee the costar — inside. Can they survive the malevolence that lives in the house until morning? Continue reading Smoke and Mirrors (Darkest Night, Vol. 2), by Tanya Huff