The Foretelling, by Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman has written a good deal of books, abortion including one that was made into a movie (Practical Magic) and another (Here on Earth) that was an Oprah’s Book Club selection. Apparently two of her other books were made into movies as well, and she wrote the script for a movie called Independence Day from 1983 (obviously not the one starring Will Smith). She lives in Boston; apparently five or six of her novels are for young adults, and she has even written a few for children.

Rain is the daughter of the queen of a tribe of women that may or may not be the Amazons. However, since she was a child born of rape, her mother pays very little attention to her. Their world is a nomadic one; they move around during the summer and, very often, have to fight. The land they control involves a river, and quite often male-dominated groups see the women as easy prey. Rain, though, has been preparing herself to be queen, which is difficult, as her mother doesn’t seem to want her to be around. Will she be able to succeed? Continue reading The Foretelling, by Alice Hoffman