Smoke and Shadows (Darkest Night, Vol. 1), by Tanya Huff

Last season on Lifetime (and a couple Canadian stations), check there was a program called Blood Ties, for sale that featured a PI named Vicki Nelson, decease her former police partner Mike Celluci, and her vampire sometimes lover, Henry Fitzroy. It’s based on a series of books with “Blood” in the title by Tanya Huff, but they seem to have replaced the book’s character of Tony Foster, street kid and sometimes lover to Henry, with Coreen, who does appear in the first book but not after that. I kind of understand why they did that, because being bisexual would not be cool on network television. In any case, all of that is to say that this book is the first volume in a companion trilogy to the “Blood” books; it contains Henry as a character, but it follows Tony Foster. Tanya Huff is Canadian, by the way, and has written a couple dozen fantasy and science-fiction books.

Tony Foster is a PA for a third-rate Canadian show, shot in Vancouver, called “Darkest Night.” It’s about a vampire detective named Raymond Dark, and the show is heavy on bad dialogue and special effects, and light on actual facts. In any case, he’s learning a lot, because someday he wants to be a director. But then, while on the set, the shadows start acting strangely. Shortly after that, the ‘victim of the week’ (on the show) turns up dead in her dressing room. Other weird things start happening on the set, and eventually Tony asks the special effects wizard, Arra Pelindrake, if she knows what’s going on . . . since she seems to. Why is that? And why are the shadows behaving so weirdly? Continue reading Smoke and Shadows (Darkest Night, Vol. 1), by Tanya Huff