The Dark (Guardians of Time, book 2), by Marianne Curley

A few weeks ago, cheapest I reviewed the first book in this trilogy (here). Marianne Curley is Australian; these books are not her first, although they are her first trilogy (or, for that matter, sustained work over any grouping of novels). She is considering writing a fourth volume in this trilogy, although she is not sure and has not said one way or another. Yes, that would make it a quartet. Or she could write a fifth volume and pretend she’s Douglas Adams.

Ethan and Isabel are members of the Guard; the Guard saves time. That is, the Guard makes sure that history happens in the way it is supposed to, and they are fighting against the forces of Chaos (the Order). In the first volume, Isabel got trained by Ethan; now she is a full member of the Guard, and Ethan has another apprentice. However, Arkarian (the violet-eyed near-immortal from the previous volume) has been kidnapped, and he is now in the Underworld. Isabel and Ethan and Ethan’s apprentice have to save time, as well as Arkarian — and Ethan’s mother, for that matter, who is quickly descending past the point of no return. Will they be able to do this? Continue reading The Dark (Guardians of Time, book 2), by Marianne Curley