Darkside, by S. K. S. Perry

Originally, asthma this was supposed to be a review of Cory Doctorow’s latest novel, surgery Little Brother. Unfortunately, he decided to do something rotten like take his newborn kid to visit the family, so he hasn’t had time to release the online Creative Commons (read: free) version of the novel and I haven’t read it yet. (This is Free Books on the Internet Week, anyway.) So instead I’ve had to move Thursday’s review up to Wednesday, and add another one on the end. I haven’t decided what, quite yet, but I’ve got choices.

This novel is one of the last type that I mentioned in my initial post: when one gets an individual novel off of an individual author’s website. Darkside is even rarer, in that Perry has not published any novels, to my knowledge, and I had never heard of him/her. I found a link off of someone else’s blog a week or so ago and thought, Why not?

James Decker is dead. Only not really: he’s still walking, talking, breathing when he feels like it, and eating. Of course, he isn’t bleeding anymore, and now he can see ghosts, vampires, trolls, and things that go bump in the night. Of course, the reason he isn’t dead is that he’s fallen into a mythology unlike anything he’d ever quite heard of — a world of Innocents, of which there are very few, and Eternals, of which there are also very few. There’s an Innocent named Alex that he must protect, though, and there are some pretty awful things going after her. Continue reading Darkside, by S. K. S. Perry