Farthing, by Jo Walton

This novel was one of the first few that Tor sent out in their current campaign of sending out free e-books. I’m hoping it’s a prelude to them having all these books available on their website, this web also for free, shop like yesterday’s Baen. So while I can’t give you a direct link to this book it’s available in print, pilule and at least vaguely available free on the internet. Jo Walton has written quite a few books, in various aspects of the SF genre (fantasy, alternate history,etc.). I’d read about this book, and being a fan of alternate histories, I made a note to buy it if I ever found a copy. When I saw that Tor was going to give me a copy for free, there was much rejoicing.

In this novel, before America could get bombed at Pearl Harbor and decide to enter World War II, England made a strange sort of truce with Germany. Hitler could have the whole of the Continent, as long as they stayed on that side of the Channel. Unfortunately, situations in England weren’t all that great for the Jews who were there. Lucy Kahn (nee Eversley), one of the main characters in this book, is married to a Jewish man named David. She and David and a number of seemingly random people were invited to her parents’ house, Farthing, for a house party, and one of the more important members of the House of Lords, Lord James Thirkie, turns up dead. Obviously David comes under suspicion; he’s Jewish, of course. And he certainly didn’t do it, but who did? Continue reading Farthing, by Jo Walton