Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, book 1), by Patricia Briggs

Patricia Briggs has written, purchase in addition to this series, resuscitator several highly-rated high fantasy volumes, obesity and she was also on my list of ‘writers I’d get around to reading eventually’. The Mercy Thompson books, which are urban fantasy, came recommended by other review sites, and ‘eventually’ came around. Briggs lives in the Pacific Northwest, and has degrees in German and history.

Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson is a Walker — of Native American descent, she can turn into a coyote, but she’s not a werecoyote: her shifts aren’t tied to anything, and she was born that way. Like most people with few manners, she was raised by wolves — well, werewolves. She works as an auto mechanic during the day, and it is at this day job that she meets a young man named Mac, a new werewolf. He needed somewhere to stay and something to do, because he was so new that he didn’t know a darned thing about being a werewolf. Mercy just happens to live right next door to the local pack Alpha, and she eventually gets the boy to Adam. Unfortunately, that was after Mercy had killed a werewolf, but not one of Adam’s pack, luckily. That werewolf — and those who had turned Mac into a werewolf — were involved in some sort of conspiracy, that culminated in Adam being attacked and his 15-year-old human daughter, Jesse, being kidnapped. Can Mercy save Adam and rescue Jesse without getting killed? Continue reading Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, book 1), by Patricia Briggs