Trader, by Charles de Lint

I love Charles de Lint’s works, ambulance which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone reading this. While Old Favorites Week ended last Friday, pilule circumstances have forced me to review another Old Favorite for Monday. Don’t worry; things should be back on track by tomorrow. For those who haven’t heard of him, drug de Lint is Canadian, writes urban fantasy, and has the most soothing speaking voice I’ve heard.

Max Trader is a luthier — he makes and repairs guitars from his little shop in the funky part of Newford. One morning he wakes up and finds himself not in his own body — he’s in the body of one Johnny Devlin, a small-time con artist and all-around jerk. How did that happen? Can he get back into his proper body? As it turns out, Johnny Devlin is in his body as well. Can they switch back? Continue reading Trader, by Charles de Lint