Memory and Dream, by Charles de Lint

Here we are on Day 4 of Old Favorites Week, view and today I give you a book that I cried over. Not while reading the book, tadalafil actually — when, page in 2003, I went on vacation with my parents, we accidentally left a car window cracked overnight. My bag of books was right below that window, and my original copy of Memory and Dream was ruined. I’d rescued that copy from a bargain books place some years earlier. The story ended happily, though — we went to a bookstore in my hometown just after getting back from that vacation, and there was a fresh, new(ish) copy for me. (It was out of print at the time.)

Anyway, this is my favorite of de Lint’s works. It’s one of the earliest full novels set in his Newford, and it stars Isabelle, a painter of Jilly and Sophie’s crew. It starts in the present, when Isabelle receives a letter that the post office lost for a few years — a letter, bordering on a suicide note, from her best friend in college, Kathy. Isabelle’s memory tells her, though, that Kathy died of cancer in the hospital. Suddenly, Isabelle starts remembering all sorts of things from her past — like how the fantastic subjects of her paintings came alive, and the craziness she suffered at the hands of her old art teacher . . . What is real? Continue reading Memory and Dream, by Charles de Lint